jagatjoti khalsa

Jagatjoti S. Khalsa

Jagatjoti (Jugget Jotee) has spent 30 years in the pursuit of understanding the experience of Self, meditation and yoga as it pertains to the innovation of the soul, the experience of spirit and its applications within business models, language patterning and personal work strategy. He has studied like the Karate Kid, only slightly less wax on and wax off, with Masters and Mentor’s around the global including Yogi Bhajan for 15 years, with 6 of those years being every day, 2-3 hours a day. For 30 years, Jagatjoti has recognized business opportunities and the promise of possibility while serving the people and business he has been charged to guide. Armed with the tools of strategic development professional business acumen, and youthful curiosity he has envisioned, created and led a diverse portfolio of groundbreaking and successful businesses built in collaboration with industry leaders, innovative thinkers, artisans, technicians, cross-industry resources and innovative problem solvers like himself. He has either created, launched, built or served to create many of the nations premier natural and organic foods brands such as Sprout Baby, Yogi Tea, Golden Temple, ALTAR Herbal Martini’s, Innovation Director and Head of Talent for Fahrenheit 212, and has served countless others as a confidante of CEO’s, Global Strategy teams, Boards and Private Equity firms. Currently, Jagatjoti is the Papa in Charge at Earth Mama, an all natural, zero toxin Mama, Baby and kids natural products company. He is an Entrepreneur in Residence, Innovation Fellow at Fahrenheit 212, one of the global leaders in Innovation consultancy. Jagatjoti and Fahrenheit 212 work with some of the premier brands in consumer packaged goods, financial services, consumer electronics, media, luxury goods, travel and hospitality and the media. Their clients include Samsung, Diageo,  Bain Capital, Campbell, Charles Schwab, Tillamook, Coca Cola, Goldman Sachs, Starwood, Taco Bell and Nestle to note a few. Jagatjoti is the Founder and Creative Director of The Other Person is You Foundation. The foundation is focused on creating experiences that show that the other person is you. Jagatjoti is the author of two books, Altar Your Space: A Guide to a Restorative Home; and I’m Down with You, An Inspired Journey. This book shares through portraits and stories, the community of Down syndrome and with what grace and lovingness they live their inspired lives and challenges us to rethink what is abled and what is dis-abled.