FareShare™ helps feed neighbors within your community through your purchase of high quality staple grains and legumes such as rice, quinoa, beans and lentils. Inspired by the institution of Sikh Langar, or free kitchen, FareShare™ answers to the growing plight of food insecurity weighing upon low income, working poor and middle class families throughout our United States.

By simply buying FareShare™ products at your locally participating grocery store, we will provide and in kind quantity of our offering to a food bank within your community. This is not charity, it is a fully transparent and personal way of caring for those one in six neighbors who are experiencing food insecurity today. With FareShare™ you are feeding minds, nurturing emotional security and cultivating a tradition of healthy living, equality, and oneness of community.

Sometimes I want to ask God why he allows poverty, famine and injustice in the world when He could do something about it, but I am afraid he might just ask me the same question
— Unknown

Watch a short video about this project's inspiration:

From a culture of sharing we have become a culture driven by possession and profit. The century of self. This short film comes from the kitchens of the golden temple where every day around 100,000 people, regardless of colour, caste or religion, donate, prepare, consume and clean for nothing more than compassion. Are we really moving in the right direction? This year the world will produce enough food to feed twice the world's population, yet every day almost one billion people will sleep hungry. Music by DJ Shadow: www.djshadow.com. Produced by Chintan Gohil www.chintangohil.com. For more information: www.devinder-sharma.blogspot.com and www.stwr.org