Faces of Prayer is a beautiful merger between the still and motion, the sound and silence of prayer and the convergence of six billion foreign expressions of love that melt into one harmonies choir of prayerful sound.


Through music, photography, dialogues and film, we set out to bring a South African tribe to the swamps of Mississippi to explore the Christian hymn Hallelujah, a Hindu the chance to learn a canters way, a Muslims the opportunity to chant the Native American sounds, and a Sikh the chance to learn an African chant.

We will follow up this unprecedented musical journey with a documentary film, book and soundtrack that will be displayed within a nomadic museum (inspired by Ashes and Snow) to allow people to partake in a real-time experience of their “self” through the exploration of live and recorded music, visual environments, film and a personal souljourn through a temple designed to evoke the soul, heart and senses of all.

Through this exploration we give individuals the opportunity to explore and learn that The Other Person is You, regardless of how we pray. Faces of Prayer is a real-life experience of not only seeing that The Other Person is You, but also being them for a period of time – exploring and experiencing their words, their language, their prayers and their music as one, on one breath and with one voice. Faces of Prayer will allow us to transcend the old adage, “Walk a mile in my shoes...” to emerge under a new adage, “Know my prayers and you will know me.”

Know my prayers and you will know me.
— Faces of Prayer

Photos by  LuCe

Photos by LuCe