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Help support and produce more programs like “I’m Down with You” with your generous donation. For more information about current projects in development, click here. Your donation will be used for the development, creation, production and distribution of projects like “I’m Down with You” and “Faces of Prayer.” For donations of more than $100, we will send you a signed copy of our first book, I’m Down with You. In addition to the book, you will receive invitations to future photo shoots, concerts and events and premiers.

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A Billion Stories™

Our core mission is to inspire and journey with individuals, families and caregivers living with Alzheimer’s to gather, create and share A Billion Stories™ before they fade from our personal narrative and collective memory. We are dedicated to offering a pathway of collaboration and a safe home for the memories, moments and wisdom that will be lost forever, if not saved today.

A Billion Stories™ promises to create an open space for discovery, celebration, sadness, hope and truth for those living with Alzheimer’s Disease with dignity and responsibility and advocacy. We promise to provide a safe place free of the pressures of remembering or the fear losing what is ours, what is us. We are committed to the improving prevention, diagnosis, treatment as care of those affected by Alzheimer’s by collecting, creating and sharing the stories that keep us together. A Billion Stories™ that are Indelible, Remarkable, Human. Launch: Winter 2018

Share Joy with a Class / Adopt a Class

As many of the wonderful children with Down syndrome become more and more integrated in classrooms and schools, education and exposure to this community is important to help all of the class mates to know each other better. To that regard, we have created the “Share Joy with a Class/Adopt a Class” program within which we will work with the Down syndrome community to locate classrooms with children with Down syndrome and donate a book for each student in that class to help the student and their families learn more about Down syndrome and to have more exposure of the positive, loving experience of this community.

Please help support the Adopt a Class Program! Provide 25 copies of I’m Down with You for your donation of only $400.

Share to Know Program

The Other Person Is You Foundation has created a new program – “Share to Know Program” – to offer doctors, hospitals and clinics free copies of I’m Down With You, a beautiful book of photographic portraits and stories that gives a loving look into the Down syndrome community. Our goal is to offer parents an experience of what they will come to expect with their child with Down syndrome and to help shape public opinion and projection about the Down syndrome community. For every $20.00 donation given through this program, The Other Person is You (foundation) will donate one copy of I’m Down with You to these public spaces.

“According to two studies authored by Brian Skotko M.D., appearing in the journals American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (AJOG) and Pediatrics in 2005, the year the bill was filed. Skotko’s March AJOG study found that obstetricians and genetic counselors provide too little information when it comes to delivering a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome to pregnant women. Mothers who have children with Down syndrome, diagnosed prenatally, reported that doctors did not tell them about the positive potential of people with Down syndrome nor did they feel like they received enough up-to-date information or contact information for parent support groups. Further, the mothers reported that all of these shortcomings were happening at an emotional time when women have to decide whether or not to continue their pregnancies. This study was, and remains, the largest and most comprehensive study on prenatally diagnosed Down syndrome.” (Keri Stedman, Children’s Hospital Boston)

Help us educate not only doctors, but every family who comes to visit the hospital, doctors offices, OBGYN and health clinics by making I’m Down with You available. Together we can help educate parents, friends and relatives, remove the fear and confusion and come to the truth about what life is like within the Down syndrome community.

Please help support the Share to Know program! For every $20.00 donation, we will donate one copy of the I’m Down with You book to the place of your choosing.

Fare Share™

FareShare™ helps feed neighbors within your community through your purchase of high quality staple grains and legumes such as rice, quinoa, beans and lentils. Inspired by the institution of Sikh Langar, or free kitchen, FareShare™ answers to the growing plight of food insecurity weighing upon low income, working poor and middle class families throughout our United States. By simply buying FareShare™ products at your locally participating grocery store, we will provide and in kind quantity of our offering to a food bank within your community. This is not charity, it is a fully transparent and personal way of caring for those one in six neighbors who are experiencing food insecurity today. With FareShare™ you are feeding minds, nurturing emotional security and cultivating a tradition of healthy living, equality, and oneness of community.

The Ripple Project

The Ripple Project captures and shares the stories that connect us all. Founded on the power of storytelling, and anchored by user-generated and originally produced films, The Ripple Project endeavors to be the first social media network to use entertainment to connect people from around the world with the real stories of ordinary individuals, families and communities living in the ripple effect of extraordinary events, momentous discovery and remarkable shifts.

The project is built around nine converging ripples that are thematic to the human experience, Earth, Life, Society, Religion, War, Health, Discovery, Creativity, Regions; The Ripple Project will present the experiences of lives once marginalized, lost or forgotten by preserving them within an online library and interactive stage of videos, words, pictures and audio.

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